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Our engineers are the best in the industry. We work directly with our OEMs and Bearing Distributors. Our engineers can help you with bearing, shaft and housing tolerances as well as cryogenic, hostile and extreme temperatures environments.

We have one of the largest bearing inventories in the U.S. We stock other manufacturer's bearings. We distribute bearings for extreme high temperature. We will ship all bearing orders the same day for less than any other advertised price. Our quality is ranked #1 by bearing distributors and OEM's. Our Physical Vapor Deposited Coatings (PVD), Ceramic Balls and Moly/Teflon retainers give you the longest lasting best performing bearings in the industry. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY.

We can help design/manufacture any bearing with a 2-week turnaround. We stock other manufacturers: Barden, Fafrir, MPB, SKF, Kadon, FAG, ND, KOYO, NSK, RMB, KBC, SMT, GMN, etc.

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  1. CERAMIC BEARING Silicon Nitrides For Bearings. Learn More...
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About Ceramic Bearings ...

Extending bearing life. That’s the challenge that drives Ceramic Bearing engineers to explore new materials and processes. And, that’s what led Ceramic Bearing to ceramics over ten years ago. Today, with hundreds of designs to our credit, we continue to develop solutions that use the beneficial properties of silicon nitride. Hardness. Wear resistance. Reduced lubrication requirements. Ability to withstand high temperatures. Lightweight compared to steel. Corrosion resistance. Nonmagnetic properties. 


Si3N4 is nearly twice as hard as bearing steels, which improves wear resistance and reduces damaging effects of repeated surface contacts.  The use of ceramic rolling elements reduces lubricant degradation, significantly increasing bearing life in many applications.  Si3N4 can operate at temperatures up to 1800oF, exceeding the best high temperature bearing steels by a factor of two.  Centrifugal loading resulting from high speeds is reduced with lightweight rolling elements.  Because it is essentially inert, Si3N4 represents a major advance in the effort to improve bearing performance in corrosive environments.  And, without sacrificing bearing performance, Si3N4 provides the nonmagnetic properties demanded in some sensitive instrument applications.

Your specific requirements might best be met with full ceramic bearings, or with hybrid ceramic bearings – a combination of ceramic rolling elements with metallic races.  Each design delivers special advantages.  Each is appropriate for different uses.


In a host of applications subjected to heat, friction, high speed, water and magnetic fields, ceramic bearings may yield significant performance advantages.  Aircraft accessory, valve, transmission and gearbox.  Gas turbine mainshaft. Gimbals.  Semiconductor and food processing.  Dental handpiece turbines.  Sensitive instruments.  As the advantages of Si3N4’s properties have become more fully appreciated, ceramic bearings have begun to strengthen their place in these and other applications.

Why Work with Our Engineers?

The properties of Si3N4 differ substantially from those of bearing steels.  That makes it vital to work with Ceramic Bearing engineers, experts who understand the impact of ceramic’s properties on rolling element bearing applications.  These engineers know how to find the right combination of materials that can yield substantial improvements in durability, reliability and who are knowledgeable about lubricants and mounting techniques to enhance bearing performance.

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