Hybrid Bearings

Bearing Basics - Defined
  • Speed Defined
  • Ball Motion
  • Proper Running
  • Failure
  • Effects of Lubrication
  • ABEC Info
  • Types of Bearings
  • Design Considerations
    • Load
    • Life
    • Testing (RCF)
Lubricant Steel Inner Raceway Steel Outer Raceway
Silicon Nitride Balls Ball Cage (Retainer)
Benefits of Hybrids Bearing Attributes
  • Dissimilar Materials (Steel and silicon nitride)
  • Less Wear
  • Lower Temperature
  • Higher Speed
  • Extended Bearing Life
  • Lower Friction
  • Stiffness
  • Lower Vibration
  • Lower Lubrication
What is Hybrid Bearing?

Typical hybrid bearings consist of steel raceways, a retainer, a lubricant and ceramic balls.

Hybrid bearings can achieve higher speeds, greater accuracies, and have a longer service life than steel bearings which is why hybrid bearings are finding increased usage in a wide variety of engineered applications today.

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